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Nestled amongst the picturesque Berkshire countryside between Windsor, Ascot, Henley and Wokingham, The studio and workshop offer a wonderfully inspirational base to create bespoke painted signs. (Now with a new location at 47A High Street Camberley)

Maybe you would like a hand made sign for your shop, restaurant, school, church or even your home. 

The lustre of pure gold leaf that signifies a timeless elegance and will make any sign stand out and inform all that you are a fine establishment.

For hundreds of years signs have been created by painting lettering on to a variety of materials, but since the 1980's (when i began my apprenticeship) the majority have been done using computer cut vinyl. The result of this has been that because all the sign companies use the same group of design software, they all tend to look the same.

Whatever your budget, a beautiful and individual sign can be achieved using a combination of great design, quality materials, skillful process and passion. 

As well as traditionally made signs, Ascot Signs can supply and fit illuminated, aluminium signs, built up letters, acrylic and metal letters. 

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Scott R Manser 

Re-branding of "The Prince Harry" pub in Windsor. All hand painted.


Ascot Signs are not scared of heights. "The Prince Harry" pub re-branding. All by hand.

83382438_10213987860483797_8090359286212853760_ojpgThis is a milk tank from the 1960's sitting on 1930's rolling stock. The lettering was hand formed by Scott Manser to be a close representation of the United Dairies livery colours of Signal red with a black outline. Both sides were painted the same and the tank will be heading to a private railway in Norfolk.
Ascot Signs also supply and fit signs made from aluminium as well as acrylic, metal, flat cut and built up letters as well as illuminated signage, 
Pictorial and house signs.20170306_090614jpg2017-02-021png


Ascot Sign Co can also provide you with bespoke murals and pictorial signs. 

Do not think that traditional signwriting is expensive as it is often possible for your sign to be bespoke for the cost of a vinyl sticker sign. However vinyl may only last three years and become tatty and peel off where as with a beautifully crafted, hand painted sign, you will have a sign that like a fine wine matures and as is often the case,could  still be around in 100 years. (Ghost signs as they have become known can be seen throughout the world adorning many a wall or fascia) 

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